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Cryptocurrency is a digital payment system that does not use banks to verify transactions. It is a peer-to-peer system that allows anyone anywhere to send and receive payments. It's not physical money carried and exchanged in the real world; cryptocurrency payments exist only as digital records in an online database that describe specific transactions. Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded in public registers when funds are transferred. Cryptocurrency is stored in users digital wallets.

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A token on the Ethereum blockchain used to support transactions.

APE ecosystem token.

A platform for launching DeFi apps and working with smart contracts.

Built on the ERC-20 standard from Ethereum (ETH) and is “backed” by a fund in dollars. For each issued BUSD, there is $1, which is stored in accounts in American banks.

The first and most popular cryptocurrency.

A blockchain platform for running DAaps and multi-party computing.

Cryptocurrency for entertainment and sports.

An ever-expanding blockchain platform for creating dApps.

Cryptocurrency with a tight binding to fiat money (or to another conventional assets)

Decentralized cryptocurrency with an open-source system. It is a currency that is used by users of the Internet all over the world.

A blockchain platform for creating and integrating GameFi projects.

DApps development platform.

Most flexible cryptocurrency, which ranks second most popular and the most revolutionary one in the world.

A smart contracts platform for digital assets and dApps.

A service token of a decentralized data storage network intended for internal operations, as well as for paying remuneration to the miners of the system.

Blockchain for creating decentralized applications and tokens.

A network for creating DApps.

Cryptocurrency and proprietary service token (earlier known as Dfinity or DFN) that is a key framework.

Among the top 5 leading cryptocurrencies in the world by market capitalization. It is an alternative cryptocurrency based on the basic principles and software of Bitcoin.

Leading cryptocurrency that is based on a proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm.

A blockchain platform for creating DApps.

Decentralized cryptocurrency platform for applications with a wide range of technological solutions. It is a truly revolutionary project that can change the face of the world of blockchain technologies.

A protocol for creating and scaling Ethereum-based projects.

A global and international financial system that includes its own cryptocurrency and medium of exchange.

A meme-based cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum blockchain.

A fourth-generation blockchain and cryptocurrency that contains open infrastructure and provides greater deficiency.

Decentralized system, meaning no one can stop the network or secretly set up to their liking.

A blockchain protocol for the creation of stabelcoins whose value will be anchored to fiat currencies.

The coin is tied to fiat money, including the dollar, euro and Japanese yen.

A blockchain platform for working with smart contracts and creating DApps.

Blockchain platform which goal is to exchange free decentralized user content.

Stablecoin pegged to the US dollar in a ratio of 1:1.

Global blockchain platform for converting information about absolutely any products, events and people.


A blockchain and token to create and maintain NFTs.

ERC20 token, which has a similar value to Bitcoin.


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