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An ever-expanding blockchain platform for creating dApps.

Cosmos description

Cosmos is a decentralized, scalable ecosystem of interconnected, independent blockchains. Cosmos is based on the Tendermint Core protocol and the BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerant) consensus mechanism used to scale public PoS blockchains. Cosmos was created in 2017.

The Cosmos blockchain allows different blockchains to be linked together. On Cosmos, developers can create decentralized applications or run their own blockchain. Thanks to the Tendermint protocol, developers can create scalable, secure applications that are interoperable with other blockchains using bridges and other features. When creating a project on the Cosmos network, developers have access to a choice of validators.

The Cosmos infrastructure consists of four main components:

  • Cosmos Hub, the first blockchain launched on the Cosmos network, is the centerpiece of the system. It accounts for the total number of tokens in each zone of the ecosystem. Information material from ​community CryptoDeFix.
  • ATOM is the internal token of the ecosystem. It is used in commission payments, staking and voting for the future of the platform.
  • IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) Protocol - A standardized protocol that confirms the sending and receiving of a message. It allows confirming not only token transactions but also other data.
  • Cosmos SDK is a blockchain development framework based on the Tendermint consensus algorithm.

Cosmos specifics

  • Supports multiple blockchain networks
  • BFT consensus mechanism
  • Scalable projects
  • Fast transaction speed and high security
  • ATOM staking
  • Developer toolkit

Cosmos features


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