“CryptoDeFix” user agreement

1. Main provisions

1.1. This user agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is a legally binding agreement between CryptoDeFix website administration and the user and governs the use of the Site. By user is an individual who uses the “CryptoDeFix” website (hereinafter User) located at the address https://cryptodefix.com (hereinafter referred to as the Site).

1.2. The user reads the Agreement and agrees with it in the moment of authorization on the Site. The text of the Agreement is always available below each page of the site by clicking on the link “User Agreement” section “Contacts”.

1.3. Any use of the Site means full and unconditional User’s consent to this Agreement. In case of disagreement with these conditions, the User has no right to use the Site in for any purpose and must leave it.

1.4. The administration of the CryptoDeFix website (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) reserves the right make changes to this Agreement, which come into force on the moment of publication. The text of the current version of the Agreement is always available at: https://cryptodefix.com/repository/agreement.html. Further use of CryptoDeFix, after making changes to Agreement means the complete and unconditional consent of the User with him.

2. Limitation of liability of the Administration

2.1. The administration is making every possible effort to exclude from the Service a careless, sloppy, offensive, not Corresponding to reality or knowingly incomplete information, however, ultimately the responsibility for it lies with the posting her faces.

2.2. The administration is not responsible for the fact that registered users are really who they say they are, and is not responsible for any damage caused to others.

2.3. Under no circumstances will the Administration be liability to the User or any third parties for any direct, indirect, unintentional damage, including loss of profits or lost data, harm to honor, dignity or business reputation, caused in connection with the use of the Site or results intellectual activity posted on the Site.

2.4. The Administration is not responsible to the User or any third parties for:

2.5. In the event that third parties file claims against the Administration, related to the use of the Site by the User, the Userundertakes on its own and at its own expense to settle these claims with third parties, protecting the Administrator from possible losses and proceedings.

2.6. When the User navigates to third-party sites or use third-party sites, he does so at his own risk and from thisthe moment this Agreement no longer applies to the User.

3. The administration has the right

3.1. At any time, the design of the site, its content, a list of sites, fixes or supplement the scripts used, software and other objects used or stored on website;

3.2. If necessary, send users by e-mail messages regarding the use of the site;

3.3. Change (moderate) or delete any information that violates this Agreement, in its sole discretion, for any reason or for no reason. This applies to information that, in personal opinion Administration violates this Agreement, legislation Of the Russian Federation and / or may violate the rights, cause harm or threaten the safety of other Users or third parties.

3.4. Suspend or terminate the User’s access to all sections or sites of the site with or without prior notice such.

3.5. There is no right to publish and delete from the system projects with topics that differ from the topic of the site.

4. The user has the right

4.1. Post information that does not contradict this Agreement;

4.2. Contact the Site Administration in order to resolve controversial issues;

4.3. Post original, interesting and full-fledged publications with rewarding experience and good decoration. Complement publications with calm and high-quality images.

5. The user undertakes

5.1. Regularly get acquainted with the introduction of this Agreement, in order to timely familiarize with its changes.

5.2. Take full responsibility for any actions taken with using his account, as well as for any consequences that could entail or entailed its similar use;

5.3. The user, using this or that section of the site, undertakes comply with the rules for using this section of the site, if any there are also opportunities in this section.

5.4. Using the information on the site, the User understands and accepts risks associated with its possible unreliability, as well as the fact that some information may seem to him threatening, offensive, slanderous, deliberately false, rude, obscene. If this happened, the User must immediately inform the Administration about availability of such information.

6. This Agreement on the site is prohibited

6.1. Post any advertisements, except when sanctioned by the Site Administration, as well as within the sites placement of commercial ads and advertisements provided by the site on terms, negotiated separately;

6.2. Post commercial offers, campaign materials, distribute spam, any other intrusive information;

6.3. Post any information that violates the rights of users or third parties to intellectual property;

6.4. Harass, harass, insult, harass, or otherwise maliciously harass any physical or legal entity, site user;

6.5. Upload, publish and otherwise transmit the following information:

6.6. Send bulk messages (comments);

6.7. Take actions aimed at disrupting the normal functioning of the site;

6.8. Upload, publish, distribute and share or otherwise use viruses, trojans and other malicious programs;

6.9. Use without special permission from the Administration site automated scripts (programs) to collect information on site and / or interaction with the site and its functionality;

6.10. By any means, including, but not limited to, by deception, breach of trust, hacking, trying to access information about another Visitor;

6.11. Carry out illegal collection and processing of data of other persons;

7. Rights to information posted on the site

7.1. The site database is subject to copyright. In accordance with the legislation, the compiler of the collection and the author other composite work, including the database, belong to copyright for the selection or arrangement of materials carried out by him (compilation). The administration monitors all attempts of illegal use the materials of the site and takes legal measures to protect your rights.

7.2. All results used and posted on the site intellectual activity, as well as the site itself are intellectual property of their legal owners and protected by intellectual property laws, and also relevant international legal conventions.

7.3. No information can be copied (reproduced), revised, distributed, framed, published, downloaded, transferred, sold or otherwise used in whole or in part, without prior permission of the copyright holder, unless the copyright holder has explicitly expressed his consent to free use of the material by any person, except in cases where established by this Agreement, as well as by the current legislation;

8. Final Provisions

8.1. This Agreement is a public offer. User’s consent to the terms of this Agreement (acceptance) is the actual use site, its sites and the results of intellectual activity posted on it.

8.2. The user and the Site Administration will try to solve everything disputes and disagreements that have arisen between them through negotiations. When the inability to resolve disputes and disagreements through negotiations, they are subject to consideration in the appropriate court at the location Site administration.

Date of publication: 05/29/2021