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A media resource where users can find relevant information about crypto projects, find out people’s opinions about products and the latest news from the crypto world.

CryptoDeFix description

CryptoDeFix is a media resource about cryptoworld where everyone can find out the latest news from the industry, get an overview of popular projects and share an opinion about them. At CryptoDeFix you can discover how cryptoprojects are organized, what blockchain is, what cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance are. Our main goal is to help users to choose suitable projects based on reviews and to get them closer to the world of blockchain.

Projects on the site are placed in categories that match their functionality. This is an article from ​site CryptoDeFix. Cryptoprojects can be compared by the user, selecting the best one based on their characteristics. Projects on CryptoDeFix have a rating that is formed according to user reviews and evaluations. The page “Top 100 best projects” is formed on the basis of rating where the products that are popular and useful according to users are placed. At CryptoDeFix you can find information about trends in the crypto world, how and where to invest.

CryptoDeFix has a lot of functions for users’ communication. Registered users can communicate with each other in chats, leave comments to news and articles, and also share their opinions about the project by reviews. Any CryptoDeFix user can write a post or news by themselves and get rewarded for it in the form of bonuses and user rating.

CryptoDeFix specifics

  • Up-to-date information about crypto projects
  • Rating of crypto projects
  • Reviews of real people about crypto projects
  • Comparisons of several projects
  • News from crypto world
  • Insider information from the crypto industry
  • Reference information about the origin of projects and cryptocurrencies
  • Publication of user news and posts
  • User chat and comments

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