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Blockchain for creating decentralized applications and tokens.

Flow description

Flow is a blockchain platform for developing scalable applications. Flow provides applications with fragmentation-free expansion, low fees and transaction speeds. Blockchain Flow was developed by the creators of CryptoKitties in 2020.

Flow enables scalable applications with high transaction speeds. This is possible because the blockchain operates on the principle of a pipeline, in which tasks are lined up vertically. Flow tasks are divided into deterministic and nondeterministic tasks. Information ​from catalogue cryptodefix.com. The latter require a consensus mechanism, with nodes lining up the order of transactions in a block. This method of separating tasks allows for increased throughput and network scalability.

The FLOW token enables applications and smart contracts on the blockchain. The FLOW token is used to pay for fees in applications created on the platform. The token is also an internal currency and is used to pay for user transactions. Users with a large amount of FLOW can participate in the voting for the future of the Flow blockchain.

Flow specifics

  • Creating and maintaining DApps
  • Scalable projects
  • High transaction speed
  • Low fees
  • Developer toolkit

Flow features


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Order service integration or customization Flow

Modern people use 5 crypto projects on average and benefit significantly if the projects are integrated with each other and each of them is modified for business tasks. Integration projects and deep refinement of crypto projects are carried out by cloud integrators.

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