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Marketplace with NBA Player Cards.

NBA Top Shot description

NBA Top Shot is a marketplace with collections and cards of NBA players. On the marketplace users can buy individual cards with moments from basketball games and collection packs. Information fro​m site cryptodefix. The marketplace runs on the Flow blockchain. NBA Top Shot was launched in March 2020.

To start using NBA TS, users need to register or authorize through social networks. NFT collections can be purchased for Ethereum and BTC, also for fiat. NBA Top Shot is like a collection of sticker albums with players from sports teams. Like stickers, player albums are sold in packs, and you can get both low-edition and high-edition NFT collectibles. Depending on the number of copies and their popularity depends on the value of the collection. The cards have several levels of rarity - Common, Rare, Legendary and Ultimate.

The NBA Top Shot interface consists of 3 tabs - Packs, Marketplace, and Challenges.The “Packs” page contains the currently available packs, the announcement of new packs takes place in social networks. In the Marketplace users can buy and sell other moments of the game. The Challenges tab publishes tasks for users, for the solution of which users receive a reward.

NBA Top Shot specifics

  • Buy moments with NBA players
  • Low fees
  • Moment packs
  • Challenges
  • Rare сards

NBA Top Shot features

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