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Ethereum blockchain-based marketplace with unique collections.

Foundation description

Foundation is an NFT-marketplace operating on the Ethereum network. Users can buy and sell NFT on the marketplace. Foundation hosts works by both well-known authors and unknown talents. Article​ from site cryptodefix. The marketplace aims to sell rare and exclusive NFT collections. Foundation began operating in 2020.

To start buying and selling NFTs at Foundation, the user needs to connect a Web3 wallet. All Marketplace NFTs are sold for Ethereum. NFTs are sold according to the auction principle, the user outbids the previous buyer and expects no one to cover it in a certain period of time. There are currently 13,193 collections and 167,548 NFTs posted at Foundation. You can use the search or filters to find the NFt you want. The NFT page has its description, owner and transaction information, cost, and additional details.

For the purchase of NFT on the Foundation users are charged a fee of 15%, which is quite a lot for the marketplace. Foundation developers invite new NFT creators to the marketplace on their own, and creators can also contact the developers themselves and request the opportunity to publish. NFT creators have an artist profile where they can upload their work and request a price for it. Artists receive 85% of the token value for selling NFT.

Foundation specifics

  • Buy and sell NFT for Ethereum
  • 15% Fees
  • Exclusive and rare collections
  • Over 10 thousand tokens available
  • Auction-style sales

Foundation features

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