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NFT-marketplace on the Flow blockchain.

BloctoBay description

BloctoBay is a marketplace operating in the Flow network. In BloctoBay users can buy and sell NFT. The marketplace hosts unique NFT collections of famous brands and companies. The marketplace is in beta and launched in 2021. In the future, the developers plan to add new features.

To interact with the marketplace, the user needs to connect a Blocto wallet. This information is from community Cr​yptoDeFix. The cost of NFTs is displayed in FLOW, users can use search or filters to find the tokens of interest. In the filters, you can select a particular collection, its rarity and set the value range. The token page displays its value, owner and creator, and description. BloctoBay charges a 10% fee for purchasing a token, with 2.5% going to the marketplace and 7.5% to the creator.

BloctoBay hosts tokens from well-known organizations, so users can find tokens from the NBA, CNN, Moto GP, Yahoo and other companies. By following Marketplace news on social media, users can find information about drops that developers often hold.

BloctoBay specifics

  • Buying and selling NFTs
  • Unique NFTs from well-known organizations and authors
  • Transaction fee of 10%
  • Working on the Flow blockchain

BloctoBay features

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