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An NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain with unique works.

X2Y2 description

X2Y2 is a decentralized marketplace where users can buy and sell NFT collections. Airdrops and promotions, such as buying NFTs without commission, often happen on X2Y2. X2Y2 hosts popular collections as well as works by little-known artists. Marketplace began to exist in 2021.

To work with the Marketplace, a user needs a wallet that works with the Ethereum network. After linking the wallet, the user will get access to a personal account, from which he can change his user name, photo and tell a little about himself. In X2Y2, users have the ability to set up notifications to show information about new drops, NFT sales and listings. You can sell and buy NFTs by the piece or multiple pieces in a single transaction. This saves on commission costs. The marketplace has its own token, it is used in stacking, also the commissions collected by X2Y2 are paid to the token holders.

The interface of the marketplace consists of several tabs, these are the reviewer, rating, and rewards. Inf​ormation from project cryptodefix. In the browser tab, users can find all the NFTs posted on X2Y2, they can be found by searching or using filters. NFTs can be purchased at a fixed price or participate in bids. The NFT description page provides information about the collection, item characteristics, authors, and owner. The ratings page shows the most popular and best-selling NFTs, among those represented. The Rewards page allows you to buy X2Y2 tokens, stake them, and earn rewards from commissions.

X2Y2 specifics

  • Buy and sell NFTs
  • Ability to conduct transactions with multiple NFTs simultaneously
  • Stacking X2Y2
  • Receiving remuneration for holding tokens

X2Y2 features

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