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NFT-project, where 3D characters act as the product.

Meebits description

Meebits is a new NFT-project that belongs to the creators of Cryptopunks. Unlike the previous project, which are 2D images, Meebits are 3D avatars created in voxels. 20000 square-headed characters with randomly generated characteristics. The generator works automatically, so it is not known in advance what the value of the created 3D character will be.

The price of each character depends on its class and the traits it possesses. All generated characters can be seen on the site Meebits. So far, all 20,000 Meebits have been created, a file has been released that matches the hash on IPFS. Data from cat​alogue CryptoDeFix. This file contains various attributes for Meebits.

All Mibits characters registered on the Ethereum blockchain. Some of the characters were available for free creation by owners of previous projects from Larva Labs. Unique NFT-characters can be traded on the OpenSea marketplace and on the official website of Lavra Labs. Simple trades can be made on the Meebits marketplace up to 50 Meebits. Owners of Meebits can use a 3D model as an avatar in the metaverse. Also the resulting resource pack can be used to render and animate the Meebit character.

Advantages of Meebits:

  • The uniqueness of each character.
  • Works with many services or exchanges.
  • Custom marketplace supporting transactions up to 100 Meebits.
  • Integration with metaverses.
  • Limited quantity (20000).

Interesting facts

  1. The Meebits project was released on May 3, 2021
  2. Meebits is the third NFT project by the creators from Larva Labs.

Meebits features

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