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A digital collectible card game built on the Hive blockchain.

Splinterlands description

Splinterlands is a collectible, fantasy-style card game. The game was launched in 2018, and it runs on the Hive blockchain. Previously, the game was called Steem Monsters. In Splinterlands, users have to collect a collection of cards with characters, fight other players with them, and sell the cards on the marketplace. The game can be played both in the browser and on mobile devices.

To start the game you need to register on the site and connect web3 wallet. After registration the player enters the menu of the game, where he can go through training, to participate in battles with other players. Beginners are given an initial set of cards, but it only serves to familiarize. To start playing the full game, you must purchase a “spell book” for $10, which includes normal cards to play, opens access to quests and additional items. Cards are individual NFTs, each with their own level, characteristics (mana, attack, speed, defense, lives), and card type (Summoner or Monster).

At the beginning of the game players draw a deck of their cards, users must draw cards for no more than 28 mana. Battles occur automatically, special algorithms independently choose the winner depending on the strength of the cards. Information material from catalogue crypt​odefix. For the victory are rewarded in the in-game tokens.

There are three types of tokens in the game - Credits, DEC, and SPS. With Credits, players purchase packs of cards, a token can be purchased but cannot be withdrawn. Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) is used to purchase cards and is awarded for winning battles and can be withdrawn from the game. SPS is a control token given for holding DEC and Credits. In theory, it can be used to vote on the future of the game.

Splinterlands specifics

  • Collecting game cards
  • Rewards for winning battles
  • Three game tokens
  • Versions for mobile devices
  • PVP battles

Splinterlands features

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