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NFT macretplace on the Ethereum blockchain.

LooksRare description

LooksRare is an NFT marketplace running on the Ethereum blockchain. In the marketplace, users can buy and sell NFT collections, as well as create their own tokens. Buyers of tokens in LooksRare can be rewarded with a native token. LooksRare Marketplace launches in January 2022.

To buy and sell NFTs on LooksRare, a Web3 wallet must be connected. Collections are sold in auction mode, and there are also collections that can be purchased for a fixed price. The transaction fees on LooksRare are 2%, it all goes to LOOKS token holders. Users can also receive rewards in the form of LOOKS tokens for buying and selling NFT. The marketplace interface is divided into 3 tabs - Explore, Collections and Rewards. Это данные f​rom project CryptoDeFix. The Explore tab allows users to search for their desired token using filters. On the token page you can see its image, description and characteristics (attributes). The Collections tab contains the best-selling and most popular NFT collections.

Owners of a LOOKS token can participate in staking. Also, people who have a large number of LOOKS can participate in voting for the future of the project. The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for stacking is currently 237%.

LooksRare specifics

  • Buy and sell NFT
  • Receive LOOKS for buying NFTs
  • Buy popular collections
  • Staking of native LOOKS token
  • Buying at auction or outright

LooksRare features

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