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An online gallery for viewing NFT collections.

Oncyber.io description

Oncyber.io is a 3D gallery for viewing users’ NFTs. The gallery allows users to upload existing tokens to virtual spaces where they will be located as interiors. The project was launched in 2021.

To use Oncyber.io, the user needs to connect a Web3 wallet and choose the space where they will place their tokens. A total of 18 interiors are available to the user, some of them free. Это ​данные from community CryptoDeFix. You can manage the interiors using a VR device or using a computer. Inside the space to place NFTs, it is necessary to approach and interact with the highlighted objects, after which it is necessary to select a token from the collection. Approaching tokens users can view their detailed descriptions, owner information, and transaction history.

Users can share decorated rooms and interiors with the project's community. Random visitors can enter player spaces and see their NFT collections. Also, multiple users can join together in a group and create a common gallery. Users have the ability to customize their profile, change their name and images, and add new rooms.

Oncepher.io specifics

  • Creating a gallery to show NFT collection
  • 18 available interiors
  • Collaborative creation of spaces
  • Viewing spaces in VR
  • Showing spaces to the community

Oncyber.io features

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