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NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain.

DeepRedSky description

DeepRedSky is a platform on the Solana network for buying NFTs. DeepRedSky Marketplace allows users to buy and sell NFTs for real money. The platform was created by the company that created the social network Parler. The marketplace launched in February 2022.

You can buy NFTs on DeepRedSky now only for fiat by linking your bank card. To sell purchased NFTs, users must connect a wallet that works in the Solana network. At the moment, the marketplace has one collection dedicated to President Donald Trump. It has 250 items and the cost per token is $2750. This information is from site CryptoDeF​ix. In the future, DeepRedSky will host collections devoted to politics, sports, brands, media and art. The developers plan to collaborate with more than 150-200 brands. Users can sell purchased NFTs on other platforms that support Solana blockchain.

In the marketplace, users can search for NFTs using filters, specifying availability, minimum and maximum value, and the currency for which the token can be purchased. On the NFT page, users can find its description, value, and transaction information. NFT sellers on DeepRedSky are verified by the developers, which ensures the security of transactions.

DeepRedSky specifics

  • Buying NFT on the Solana blockchain
  • Buying NFT via bank card
  • Secure transactions
  • Selling NFT
  • Premium Marketplace

DeepRedSky features

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