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NFT-marketplace on the WAX blockchain.

NeftyBlocks description

NeftyBlocks is a marketplace running on the WAX network. On the marketplace, users can buy and sell NFTs, create their own collections, and participate in dropshots. NeftyBlocks became popular due to frequent drops and giveaways of free NFTs. The project was launched in April 2021.

Users need to connect WAX Cloud Wallet to work with the Marketplace. Drops on the marketplace are conducted on a daily basis. This is an article from community ​CryptoDeFix. Drops are collections created by users and creators, sold in packs, which can be rare NFTs from the proposed collection. A single NFT created by a regular user can also be a drop. To create their own NFTs, NeftyBlock users have a free set of tools available to help create, publish and validate token ownership.

The marketplace has its own NEFTY token. It is issued to users for buying or selling NFTs. By staking the token, users can get premium features for creators. Users also get WAXP for staking a Marketplace token. There are over 80,000 NFTs in NeftyBlocks right now.

NeftyBlocks specifics

  • Buying and selling NFTs
  • Receiving rewards for transactions
  • Native NEFTY token staking
  • Daily drops
  • Farm and Trading NEFTY

NeftyBlocks features

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