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NFT-marketplace on the Tezos blockchain

Objkt description

Objkt is an NFT-marketplace running on the Tezos network. Information material f​rom company cryptodefix. In Objkt users can buy and sell NFTs, as well as buy collections at a special price. The goal of the developers of the marketplace is to popularize NFTs on the Tezos blockchain and provide users with tools to interact with them. The marketplace went live at the end of 2021.

To interact with Objkt, users need to link a wallet on the Tezos blockchain. On the marketplace, users can find more than 6,000 NFT collections on various topics. Two types of auctions are used to sell NFTs on Objkt - English and Dutch auctions. In UK auctions NFT goes to the highest bidder, such auctions last from several minutes to several days. Auctions according to the Dutch system, on the contrary, start with the highest value and end with the minimum set value, also last for a certain period of time.

Users can search for NFTs by using searches and filters or by leafing through the collections page. The token pages display a description of the token, the appearance of the token, the format and type of NFT, the name of the author, and the owners. Users have an account page where they can see the tokens they have, bookmarks, NFTs for sale and transaction history.

Objkt overview

  • Buy and sell NFTs
  • Two types of auctions
  • Original collections
  • Personal user accounts
  • Minting

Objkt features

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