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CryptoPunks is a non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain.

CryptoPunks description

CryptoPunks was produced in 2017 and it contains 10 thousands of unique characters, each of those can be owned by a user on Ethereum. Publication from platform cryptodefix​. As for the present moment, each character is already owned by someone, but a person is able to buy one from another user.

Each of the “punks”, as these characters are called, have different backgrounds, depending on which potential buyer can differentiate on the status of a character. So, if a punk has the background of the red color, it implies that their owner is willing to sell the character, blue background means that character’s owner is not selling it and purple color indicates that there is an ongoing bid on the punk.

Each punk has its own distinctive personality traits, so that every of the 10000 characters are different and there are no same characters, however there are also 8 ones without distinctive features. Those are also commonly called “Genesis Punks”.

Special CryptoPunks characteristics:

  • There is a special page for each character, which contains all its characteristics and history of transactions.
  • There may be only one owner of each character and the history of ownership is tracked and documented.
  • These 10000 characters exist from the launch of the project and cannot be altered, so there are always the same 10000 punks.
  • CryptoPunks provides users with open source code.

Interesting facts

  1. There are 3840 female punks and 6039 male ones.
  2. Although most punks are human beings, there are also 88 Zombies, 24 Apes and 9 Aliens.
  3. Moreover, 286 characters wear 3D glasses, there are only 94 ones with pigtails and only 44 out of 10000 wear beanie.

CryptoPunks features

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