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NFT-marketplace on the Binance blockchain.

AirNFTs description

AirNFTs is an NFT-marketplace running on Binance Smart Chain. The marketplace began its work in 2021. In AirNFTs, users can buy, sell and create their own NFTs. The marketplace also has its own AIRT token that can be stacked and used in games.

To buy and create NFTs in AirNFTs, users need to link a web3 wallet. There are over 190 thousand different NFTs on the marketplace, mostly in the form of images or GIFs, but they can also be videos or music. Это данные from site cryptodef​ix. The cost of NFTs in AirNFTs is specified in BNB, the fee is charged for purchase and placement, and is never more than 1 USD. NFTs on the Marketplace are placed in categories (collections, games, art, photos, etc.) and can also be found by searching or using filters. Each NFT has a name, description, information about owners and creators, transaction history and information about the token.

To create an NFT in AirNFTs you need to connect a wallet, upload an image in JPEG, PNG or GIF format and write a description for the token. Once created, the user will be charged a commission and prompted to set the price. NFT on the marketplace can only have one owner, he can keep the token or sell it.

AirNFTs specifics

  • Buy, sell and create NFTs
  • Commissions are less than 1 USD
  • 190 thousand NFTs placed
  • Creating NFTs from images, GIFs, music or videos

AirNFTs features

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