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The first NFT marketplace running on the TRON blockchain.

NFTONE description

NFTONE is an NFT-marketplace on the TRON blockchain. The marketplace allows users to securely acquire and sell unique digital collections. NFTONE hosts works by different authors and works in different themes. The Marketplace was launched in August 2021.

To buy and sell NFT a user needs to sign in using a TronLink wallet. After that, it is necessary to fill out a profile. You can only buy tokens on NFTONE for TRX. Selling collections on the marketplace takes place in auction mode, the collection is bought by the user who made the last bid. The cost of the fee for the purchase is 2%. To publish a work, the user needs to fill out a form, upload several of their works, write a short biography, leave an email and send it for approval. This is an article from site Crypto​DeFix. If the application is approved, the user will be able to sell their own works on NFTONE.

All the basic features of the NFTONE interface are located on the main page. Here visitors can see the top users. see active auctions and posted collections. The collection page displays a large size image of the token, its description, purchase history, author and owner name.

NFTONE specifics

  • Marketplace on the TRON blockchain
  • Buy and sell NFT
  • Possibility to create your own NFT
  • Low fees of 2%
  • Tag search and filters

NFTONE features

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