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A large NFT marketplace on Solana blockchain.

Solanaart description

Solanaart is a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs on the Solana blockchain. On Solanaart, users can both buy and sell tokens. The main purpose of the marketplace is to promote artists and creators who want to promote their art with Solana. On average, there are about 7,000 transactions per day on the marketplace. The Solanaart Marketplace saw the light of day in 2021.

To start buying and selling tokens, users need to connect a wallet that works with the Solana network to Solanaart. When a user posts an NFT for sale, it goes into the marketplace's temporary storage and is added to its database, which stores the sale data. When someone wants to buy the user’s NFT, the system sends the SOL from the buyer to the seller and transfers the NFT to the buyer. Solanaart takes a 3% fee for each transaction. Solanaart also allows creators to post their own NFTs or collections by filling out a form, once completed, developers can contact the artist to interact.

Solanaart interface consists of two tabs - Explore and Collections. Data from company CryptoDe​Fix. On the Explore tab users can see all NFTs available and use filters to find NFTs by parameters and criteria. The Collections tab contains popular sets of tokens, as well as the top collections by sales in 7 days. The token pages have a short description, NFT value, attributes and transaction history are listed.

Solanaart specifics

  • Buy and sell NFTs
  • Transaction fee of 3%
  • Unique collections
  • Listing facility
  • Filters to find NFT

Solanaart features

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