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A collection blockchain game on Ethereum.

Aavegotchi description

Aavegotchi is a blockchain game where the user needs to mine ghosts (Gotchi) and evolve them. Aavegotchi runs on the Ethereum blockchain and uses NFT technology at its core. The game was released in 2018 and the internal token appeared in 2020. This is a text from platform c​ryptodefix.com. The game was developed by Singapore-based Pixecraft Studios.

The main point of the game is for the user to find or acquire their ghost, and buy items to boost it. Ghost users can get it by buying it on the marketplace or by calling through the portal. To use the portal, it must be purchased and opened. When opening the portal the user will be given a choice of 10 ghosts, of which he will have to choose one. Ghosts have a level of rarity, which depends on the characteristics and items of the ghost. You can level up a ghost by participating in mini-games and meet up.

Aavegotchi has an internal GHST token. It allows users who have it on hand to participate in votes for the future of the game. GHST is used in all transactions in the game, with which users purchase equipment, portals, gotchi and art objects. GHST tokens can be staked, and users receive FRENS for blocking the token. FRENS is a frozen user balance that cannot be used. FRENS can only be used to buy a lottery ticket to win rewards.

Aavegotchi characteristics

  • Collecting Gotchi ghosts
  • Upgrade ghosts with items
  • Buying and selling ghosts on the marketplace
  • Staking native GHST token
  • Participate in votes for the future of the project
  • Mini-games

Aavegotchi features

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