My Neighbor Alice

by Alice Foundation
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A blockchain game with the ability to earn tokens and NFT.

My Neighbor Alice description

My Neighbor Alice is a sandbox game in which the user needs to develop his farm. My Neighbor Alice runs on two blockchains - Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. In the game, users can purchase a plot, equip it and receive rewards from it. The game launched in 2021 on Steam.

The gameplay is built on the expansion of the player’s territory. On their territories and beyond, players can grow plants and animals, fish, build houses and more. Players can communicate with each other, this will allow them to trade with each other and receive rewards. All items the user can get are NFT tokens. The My Neighbor Alice ecosystem consists of 5 main elements: the marketplace, avatars, game assets, quests, and a game editor. On the marketplace, players can buy and sell in-game items and plots of land. Players can also share tasks, in the game editor, users can create mini-games that can be mazes, lotteries and other types of games.

My Neighbor Alice has an internal token ALICE, which is used when purchasing items, in staking, is given as a reward for completing tasks and allows you to participate in the developers’ votes for the future of the project. This is a pub​lication from site cryptodefix. To work with the token, you need to connect the MetaMask wallet to the game.

My Neighbor Alice specifics

  • Developing your own plot of land
  • Farming items
  • Buying and selling NFT
  • Staking native ALICE token
  • Connecting and cooperating on quests with other players

My Neighbor Alice features

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