Nine Chronicles

by Nine Corporation
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Blockchain game in fantasy style.

Nine Chronicles description

Nine Chronicles is a blockchain game that is an Idle MMORPG in a fantasy world. The game is completely open-source. In it, players need to fight mobs and other players, create and sell items, and level up their characters.The game was released at the end of 2020.

In order to start playing Nine Chronicles, the player needs to request an access code on the official website or request it from already playing users. Article from project cry​ptodefix. The game involves dungeons, crafting, selling items found, and battles in arenas. Passing through dungeons and traveling, players gain experience by killing monsters and game items. Items, weapons, and armor help the user gain experience and level up. Unwanted items players can sell in the Marketplace. In dungeons, players can find rough materials from which they can create unique items. In arenas, players can fight each other, fighting to get to the top. At the end of each day, the most capable players receive a reward.

Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized, community-driven project. An NCG (Nine Chronicles Gold) token is used to buy and sell character equipment. Token can be earned by engaging in arena battles, mining and selling items. Players can get involved in NGC staking and owners of large amounts of token can cast their vote for the future development of the game..

Nine Chronicles specifics

  • PvE battles with monsters
  • Creating and selling items
  • PvP battles with other players
  • Rewards
  • NCG Stacking
  • Open Source

Nine Chronicles features

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