Dragons Valley

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Play-to-earn project on the WAX blockchain.

Dragons Valley description

Dragon Valley is a blockchain game running on the WAX network. In it, players can earn by breeding dragons and engaging in battles. Article from company Crypto​DeFix. Players are rewarded for their in-game activities with native tokens or NFTs. The game saw the light of day in 2021.

To play Dragon Valley, players will need to connect a Web3 wallet that supports the WAX blockchain. Once connected, it will be necessary to purchase a Dragon in the game’s marketplace. In Dragon Valley, the user must fight against goblins. Users can train dragons by increasing their characteristics and level, as well as by purchasing items for them. Dragons and goblins have their own element to which they belong, some elements defeat others. The user receives experience and rewards for winning battles.

In addition to buying a dragon in the store, the user can get it by hatching it from an egg in a incubator. Eggs are also bought in the marketplace, they have different levels of rarity. Hatching time depends on the level of the incubator and the type of egg. Eggs can hatch both regular and rare dragons. Users can sell the resulting dragons on the Marketplace or use them for their own purposes.

Dragon Valley specifics

  • Generating income from the game
  • Buy and sell dragons
  • Battling goblins
  • Gaining rewards in DVG tokens
  • Dragon training
  • Raising a dragon from eggs

Dragons Valley features

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