Axie infinity

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A decentralized game based on NFT technology, where users need to breed fantastic creatures.

Axie infinity description

Axie Infinity is a decentralized NFT game from Vietnamese developers. It is developed on Ethereum and Ronin blockchain. Publ​ication from community cryptodefix. In Axie Infinity, users can collect and breed creatures, participate in battles and develop their world. Axie Infinity is now the most popular blockchain game. Users can earn rewards for their contributions to the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

The game consists of three main points - buying and developing creatures called Axies, participating in battles, and developing the world. Axies are creatures that evolve over the course of the game from eggs to adult creatures. Axies have their own characteristics and abilities. Also, by crossing adult Axies, users can obtain new types of creatures. Axie inhabit a special territory of the player, where he can mine resources, develop it and craft items. Axie trade is one of the main mechanics of the game, with the help of which players earn funds, the cost of the creature depends on its rarity. Also in Axie Infinity you can earn money by fighting with other players, it is a turn-based battles with Axie creatures.

To start playing Axie Infinity, users need to connect a web3 wallet and purchase 3 Axie. The game has its own AXS token, which serves as a reward for users and can be used to pay in the game's marketplace and do staking. If the user has more tokens, they can vote on future game updates.

Axie Infinity specs

  • Breeding and selling creatures
  • Develop the player’s world
  • Own token AXS
  • Staking
  • Participate in PVP battles
  • Governance
  • Player rewards

Axie infinity features

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