The Sandbox

by BACASABLE Global Ltd.
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A metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Sandbox description

The Sandbox is a multiplayer game where users can create their own worlds with unique objects. The game is powered by NFT, which allows players to create and sell objects and fill their world with them. The Sandbox runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and the metaverse is created on the Unity game engine. The project launched in 2018.

In The Sandbox, users can create, build, buy and sell digital assets. This is possible through three components of the game: VoxEdit, Marketplace and GameMaker. In VoxEdit, users create Voxels, cubes from which the world is created; they can become NFTs. In Marketplace, users put the created items for sale or buy assets of other players. Game maker helps players create games, scenarios, and game objects on users' plots. Users’ lands can be visited and explored by other players or participate in games using their avatars.

The Sandbox has its own SAND token. It is used in most in-game transactions. This information is from cata​logue Users use it to make transactions, they can staking it, and holders of a large enough number of tokens can participate in the future of the game by voting. Token can be purchased on popular exchanges or exchanged within the game.

Characteristics of The Sandbox

  • Creating an in-game world
  • Buying and selling items
  • Land ownership
  • Own SAND token
  • Staking
  • Creating Games

The Sandbox features

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