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GameFi platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.

MOBOX description

MOBOX is a GameFi platform run by users themselves. In MOBOX, users can be rewarded for engagement and help in the development of the project. The game uses a native MBOX token to make transactions. This information is from compa​ny CryptoDeFix. Users can play the game for free, but in order to earn they will have to invest. The project was launched in 2017.

There are three games in the MOBOX infrastructure simultaneously: Block Brawler, Token Master and Trade Action. Game NFTs are flexible and suitable for each of the games. MOBOX users can create items and characters, sell them in the marketplace and use them in games. When creating an item, the user needs to upload an image of the item, describe it, add characteristics and set a price. The game community independently selects items for placement in the Marketplace that users have created.

The NFT tokens created in MOBOX are called MOMO tokens. They can be traded, placed on token farms and rewarded, and used as collateral in games. MBOX tokens can be used for staking, users who have a lot of tokens can participate in votes for further game development. The token can be purchased on exchanges or by selling NFT games.

MOBOX specifics

  • Three available games
  • Own MBOX token
  • Creating, buying and selling NFTs
  • Proprietary wallet
  • Staking feature

MOBOX features

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