Farmers World

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One of the first farming games to use NFT technology.

Farmers World description

Farmers World is a blockchain game where users need to set up their own farm. Farmers World users can grow plants, raise animals, fight with monsters, and create tools to work with. The game runs on the WAX blockchain. Farmers World will see the light of day on August 1, 2021.

Users need to connect a WAX wallet to interact with the game. Farmers World is an agriculture simulator where the user has to rebuild an old Brazilian farm. The game consists of activities related to the arrangement of the farm. These can include the cultivation of livestock and plants. The resulting resources users can trade with other players and receive rewards for doing so.

The game has several resources - it's gold, wood and meat. Gold and wood are obtained by mining, they are used to create and repair tools. Meat is energy, the amount of action the user can do. Animals and grown plants allow to replenish energy. To expand the territory, users have access to construction, they can build additional buildings (chicken coops, cowsheds, fields). During the game monsters attack the players, they destroy buildings and steal resources. Informat​ion material from platform cryptodefix. To resist them players need to use bred pets. There are also tools in the game, they help the player collect resources faster.

Farmers World specifics

  • Farm building
  • Build new structures
  • Raising plants and livestock
  • Exchanging resources with other players
  • Fighting Monsters
  • Build and Repair Tools

Farmers World features

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