Sunflower Land

by Thought Farm Pty Ltd
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Decentralized farm game on blockchain Polygon.

Sunflower Land description

Sunflower Land is a farm simulator where users can earn money by selling crops and items. All activities and items in the game are built on the Polygon blockchain. In Sunflower Land users can mine resources, develop their own land and craft items. The game saw the light of day in 2022 and is in beta testing.

To join the game, users need to link a web3 wallet and pay a 1 MATIC entry fee. This information is ​from company CryptoDeFix. In the beginning, the user is allocated a farm with plots of land where he can plant and harvest crops, raise animals. In-game SFL token is needed for crafting tools and expanding the land. It can be obtained by planting and selling crops. To craft items, the user needs to mine resources. Crafted items have a level of rarity, since items are NFT, they can be sold on third-party marketplaces such as OpenSea’s NFT Marketplace.

Sunflower Land has a town where users can buy and create new items from vendors. In the kitchen, plants can be used to create dishes that can be given to a goblin and expand the territory thanks to this. In the blacksmith’s shop tools are created for the extraction of new resources. Players have skill levels, you can reach level 10 of farming and level 10 of gathering, it will help open new opportunities and increase the speed of resource extraction.

Sunflower Lands specifics

  • Farm development
  • Resource extraction
  • Trading
  • Crafting item
  • Selling NFT on third-party sites

Sunflower Land features

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