Era7: Game of Truth

by TruthGame PTE. LTD.
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A card collection game on the BSC blockchain.

Era7: Game of Truth description

Era7: Game of Truth is a card game running on the Binance Smart Chain network. The game is a game with battles against other players in the fantasy genre using cards. Era7 was released in October 2021. It has already acquired a large number of partners, which include the exchange Huobi and NFT-marketplace Binance.

To play in Era7 you just need to register via email. In the beginning, players are given a starter deck of cards with which they can fight against other players and learn the mechanics of the game. Cards have their own characteristics: rarity, amount of mana needed to use the card, level, race, health, attack power and special abilities. A total of 7 races and 12 abilities are represented in the game. Battles in the game last no longer than 3 minutes, they are visualized, each player has a field where he can lay out up to 9 cards at a time. This is a text from project cr​yptodefix. Decks of cards can have a maximum of 30 cards, and the player must choose a suitable one before battle.

The game has both computer enemies fights, consisting of 50 levels, and fights against real players. The game has two types of tokens: GOT - in-game currency, which is used to buy cards, their pumping; ERA - serving the exchange token, it can be bought or sold on the exchange, engaged in its staking and buying for it lootboxes. Both tokens can be obtained by performing in-game activities.

Era7 specifics

  • Free login
  • Live battles against real players
  • 7 races available
  • ERA Token Staking
  • Game Rewards
  • Cybersports component
  • Card progression and upgrades
  • Game Marketplace

Era7: Game of Truth features

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