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Blockchain game in the BSC network.

SecondLive description

SecondLive is a Play-to-Earn project running on the Binance Smart Chain network. SecondLive players can simulate real life, inhabit their own space, participate in activities and communicate with other users. The project began its existence in July 2021.

To start playing, users need to link a web3 wallet to their account and create an account using email. After creating an account, it is already possible to join a space or buy your own. The space is a room or a small one, with activities and accommodations. These can be lounges, pools and surrounding areas, exhibition halls, etc. Spaces accommodate up to 50 people and allow users to interact with each other, communicate via voice chat, participate in activities together, and have a cultural experience. Players control avatars that can be customized.

In addition to buying spaces, the game has a marketplace where players can buy interior items, avatar clothing, pets, and other items. Avatars are customizable in a separate menu, where you can choose his gender, appearance and clothing. This is a publication from commu​nity Players can also use developer tools to create items and spaces in the game themselves, and sell them in the marketplace. The game has two tokens - a LIVE control token and an in-game BEAN token. The LIVE token is used by DAO and can only be purchased separately. BEAN tokens are used to reward players for participating in various activities and events, and can be used to buy in-game items and spaces. BEAN can be staked and receive income for it in LIVE.

SecondLive specifics

  • Interacting with players in spaces
  • Buying spaces
  • Create an avatar
  • Creating items and selling them
  • BEAN Staking
  • Getting passive income for participating in events

SecondLive features

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