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A virtual world where players can build and explore the world.

Decentraland description

Decentraland is a blockchain-based game universe. In it, players can travel around the world using an avatar, create items and land plots, and sell and buy items. Decentraland uses NFT and DAO technologies, and the universe also has an internal MANA token. The project began its existence in February 2016.

In order to exist in the world of Denetraland, the user must purchase an internal MANA token. It allows you to purchase items and customize your avatar. Players in Decentraland personally control the rules of the game world using a DAO. It allows MANA owners to vote on in-game updates and organizational policy changes. This is a publication from pl​atform cryptodefix. Collectibles and real estate in Decentraland are NFT. They can be sold in the game's marketplace or stored in a cryptocurrency wallet.

In addition to trading items and real estate, players have the opportunity to develop their personal space. In it you can add a few mini-games, activities and works of art. They can interact not only the user, but also his guests. Players decide what they want to do with the land, they can even monetize it.

Specifics of Decentraland

  • Creating and selling items, land plots
  • Internal MANA token
  • Mini-games and activities
  • In-game marketplace
  • Participate in project development

Decentraland features

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