Bomb Crypto

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Play-To-Earn project on the BSC blockchain.

Bomb Crypto description

Bomb Crypto is a blockchain game where users can earn and have a good time. In the game, users need to pass through dungeons with the help of Bomb Heroes, play with friends, and earn internal currency. Bomb Crypto can be played in the browser and from mobile devices. The project was launched in October 2021.

To start playing Bomb Crypto the user needs to link MetaMask, buy the internal currency BCOIN and buy on the marketplace Bomb Hero. The game includes several heroes, they all have different stats. Each hero has a measure of the power of bombs, their radius, the level of stamina of the hero, speed and random abilities. There are three modes in the game - treasure hunt mode, adventure mode and battles with other players.

Treasure hunt mode is a mode where players have to search for chests and smash them with bombs, in some players can find BCOIN. Here time is limited by stamina, which is spent setting the bomb. In Story mode, the user must destroy all enemies to advance to the next level. In Battle mode, players fight each other and must pay a fee to participate in battles. The winner gets all the tokens of the participants. This is a publication from platform crypto​ Players can purchase houses for their heroes, they will help restore stamina faster to participate in games.

Bomb Crypto specifics

  • Three game modes
  • Marketplace
  • PvP battles
  • BCOIN Token Rewards
  • BCOIN Stacking

Bomb Crypto features

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