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Play2Earn is a project on the Polygon blockchain.

Pegaxy description

Pegaxy is a blockchain game running on the Polygon network. It requires the user to participate in horse races and win prizes, for which they receive rewards. The project saw the light of day in 2021.

To play in Pegaxy, the user needs to connect a wallet that supports the Polygon blockchain. This iā€‹s an article from platform To race, the player needs to buy a horse on the marketplace or rent it from another player. The project has a futuristic style, the horses are mechanical creatures with wings. Horses have a gradation of rarity and genus. By rarity horses are categorized into Founding, Legendary, Epic, Rare and Pacer. Right now the racing in the game is done in 2D style, but soon there will be a mode to view the races in 3D.

Each user has 25 units of energy, each race consumes 1 unit.The races involve 12 players with similar class and level horses. Races last about a minute, victory depends on randomness, the track, and weather conditions. For prizes, players receive an internal VIS token, it can be sold on the exchange or when used in breeding. The project also has a PGX token, which is used to pay fees and purchase horses. The PGX token can additionally be staked.

Pegaxy specifics

  • Participate in races against other players
  • Buy horses
  • Breeding horses
  • Winning VIS
  • PGX staking

Pegaxy features

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