Star Sharks

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Game-Fi project with the ability to earn money.

Star Sharks description

Star Sharks is a metaverse powered by the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The metaverse combines several games and systems through which players can earn money. Star Sharks was released in 2021. Thanks to investments from Binance, the project began to actively develop and develop a community.

To play in Star Sharks user needs to connect your Web3 wallet and buy one of the sharks on the marketplace. The project is a community-led ecosystem where players, developers and investors jointly determine its future. The community can create different game scenes, NFT items, content and unique Star Sharks values. The game has two native tokens, SSS and SEA. SSS is a management token, with which users can take part in voting on the future of the project, and there is also staking ability. SEA is in-game token, is a currency, with which users can create the object and content of the meta universe.

Elements of the Star Sharks ecosystem:

  • Marketplace. In it, players can buy and sell in-game items, sharks, and improvements.
  • Activity Collections. Article from company Crypto​DeFix. Star Sharks contains many activities in which users can participate. These are games where users can compete against each other or against the computer, to build and develop their own land, looking for adventures. Players can be rewarded with SEA tokens or NFT items for their participation in the activities.
  • SDK. A toolkit for developing in-game activities and items.

Star Sharks features

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