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A metaverse with the ability to earn money.

Upland description

Upland is a blockchain game, a metaverse running on the EOS network. The game actively uses NFT technology, each of its game objects is a token. In the game, users have to develop their land by buying real estate. The game map is a copy of the globe map. Upland saw the light of day in 2020 and is already one of the popular projects with an audience of many thousands.

Newcomers start the game as visitors, players need to buy real estate or earn 10,000 UPX to become a full citizen. The terrain in Upland is a virtual projection of the cities and streets of the world. Any building in the game, architectural structure or terrain is a separate token that can be purchased for UPX. 1,000 UPX equals one dollar, and players can make their first purchase with gift UPX. On the player map, objects are shown in green and blue. The green ones are tokens that can be purchased and the blue ones are already owned by other players. Upland is integrated with Google Maps, so players can view structures owned by them and other players.

The native UPX token allows in-game transactions, buying and selling real estate. Players can make money by buying newly added buildings in the game, they are cheaper at launch, and sell after a while. Article f​rom community cryptodefix.com. Also the property can be sold for dollars by withdrawing them to PayPal account with a 5% fee.

Upland specifics

  • Buying and selling real estate
  • Interaction with other players
  • Earning internal UPX token
  • Withdraw to PayPall
  • Mobile Version of the Game
  • Google Maps integration

Upland features

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