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An NFT marketplace where users can purchase collections for fiat.

MakerPlace description

MakersPlace is an NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. Marketplace users can create, buy and sell NFT collections. You can buy tokens on the marketplace not only for cryptocurrency, but also with bank cards and PayPal. Collections on MakersPlace are signed by the creators and verified via blockchain. The marketplace was launched in 2018.

You can use your Google account or your MetaMask wallet to sign up for MakersPlace. The Marketplace hosts works by unknown artists as well as popular artists. The MakersPlace interface consists of several tabs — drops, marketplace, activity, and collection management. The drops tab on the site displays collections of famous artists that are available for purchase during a certain period of time. The marketplace contains all user collections, you can find the necessary one using filters or search. On the page tokens you can find an image or animation, its description, characteristics and attributes, the history of purchases.

To purchase tokens you can use a bank card, PayPal or Stripe transfer. This is a text from pr​oject The cost is set by the author of the creation himself, but the sale is done by the auction method, you have to bid. The fees at MakerPlace is about 15%, part of it goes to the marketplace and part to the creator. To publish a collection must fill out a special form, if approved, the developers of the project will contact with the user.

Makerplace specifics

  • Buy and sell NFT
  • Unique collections
  • Support for buying for fiat, PayPal and Stripe
  • Famous Authors
  • Investing in Authors

MakerPlace features

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