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NFT-marketplace on Solana blockchain.

Magic Eden description

Magic Eden is an NFT-marketplace running on the Solana blockchain. In Magic Eden users can buy, sell and add their own NFTs. The marketplace opened in September 2021 and has gained a large community. Because the marketplace runs on Solana, transactions are fast and fees are minimal.

The interface of the Magic Eden Marketplace consists of three elements: listing, gallery and sale. In order to place a token the user must fill out a form with contact information and data about the NFT, after its processing the user will be contacted by email administrator. Also, quality collections from users are posted in Launchpad before launching. This t​ext is from project CryptoDeFix. The token profile has a description of the token, the attributes it has, a graph of price changes, and data about the owner of the token.

The collection tab in Magic Eden is a list of all available tokens, it cannot be filtered by category, but you can use the search. Also on the marketplace there are statistics, in which the top NFT-collections are listed starting from the most popular. The cost of commission from transactions in Magic Eden is 2%.

Magic Eden specifics

  • Buy and sell NFT
  • Listing your own NFT
  • Works on Solana blockchain
  • Fees up to 2%

Magic Eden features

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