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DApps development platform.

EOS description

EOSIO is a decentralized platform for creating a DeFI application. EOS is also a cryptocurrency built on its own blockchain. Most often, EOS is used to create and support decentralized digital structures. The EOS platform offers high transaction speeds, project scalability and improved security.

EOSIO provides Dapps developers with high transaction speeds and low transaction costs. The platform is designed for industrial-scale project deployment. Blockchain security is ensured by the latest security standards and end-to-end authentication to ensure data integrity. Data from project​ cryptodefix. For those who want to develop a project on EOSIO there are special courses and consultations with experts.

EOS cryptocurrency is often used to fund projects based on EOSIO. Since the cryptocurrency is based on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system, it is not possible to mine it like regular cryptocurrencies. EOS can be purchased on popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

EOS advantages

  • Dapps scalability
  • High speed of transactions processing
  • Low commissions
  • High security
  • User-friendly interface for developers

EOS features


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EOS is trust worthing


The EOS project represents a substantial advancement ahead in the domain of programming that is regulated by means of the blockchain methodology, as it is the only one that has vertical and level scaling encryption created by calculations that limit block builders to only holders of EOS tokens. EOS stands a less risk of hard fork, it is easy to use by developers, it is self governed and sufficient , its transactions are free and fast to execute in there millions and it supports ICO. It may be used to develop dApps, control data use, and secure access. It has a reputation for processing transactions quickly. It has the ability to aid a massive quantity of customers.