Internet Computer

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Cryptocurrency and proprietary service token (earlier known as Dfinity or DFN) that is a key framework.

Internet Computer description

The Internet Computer Cryptocurrency or ICP is a proprietary service token (earlier known as Dfinity or DFN) that is a key framework and provides the opportunity to the wider Internet association to engage in the management of the IC network. IC is formed by the advanced decentralized Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), which is operated by centers of data handling around the world to combine the power of individual computers into an unstoppable universe, where the Internet's own software is hosted and operates with the same security guarantees as smart contracts. It is integrated with Internet standards such as DNS, and can transmit the user experience directly to web browsers and smartphones.

IC is a computing infrastructure that enables development engineers, organizations, and businesspeople to form and deploy secure, standalone, and tamper-proof software program. Unlike most cloud or distributed architectures, IC enables an open platform where software programs and services lead just on the Internet, rather than on its own infrastructure or a specific hosting service. A key feature of the IC platform is the Network Nervous System (NNS), an algorithmic open system of management that monitors the network and the token economy, enabling the creation of open Internet services, and business systems capable of operating at hyper-scale. The token is used to support data centers, then to sell it to network operators, and finally to convert it into cycles that make the system work.

The IC is endlessly scaleable, same as decentralized, which allows applications to represent online forever. This allows users to create and develop open Internet services that may go on the network itself, in contrast to on servers that Facebook, Google, or Amazon have in their ownership. Using IC, developers can create websites, corporate IT systems, and Internet services by installing their code just on the public Internet and without server computers and commercial cloud services. An IC is not a physical piece of hardware that exists in any physical location. Instead, it mixes computing resources provided by centers of data handling around the world to provide users and organizations with secure access to transaction processing application programs and services. IC is not owned or operated by a single private company. Instead, platform updates and operations are managed through a decentralized management system defined in the protocol. Its architecture allows multiple computers to run as one very powerful virtual machine. There are several different ways to purchase ICP tokens. For example, you can purchase ICP tokens directly through an exchange that lists ICP tokens available for trading, or receive tokens as a reward for providing computing power as a node provider or data center.

Main features of the platform:

  • The blockchain is developed to tokenize everything. This is a text f​rom site cryptodefix. The IC is the world's first blockchain where the web experience can be built using smart contracts served directly to end users in the browser. This creates a completely new platform for creating hypermarkets, mass market services, all along the chain.
  • Any service built on IC can share functionality and data with other users with the permission of the creator.
  • Create fast, scalable information systems, such as enterprise systems and Internet services, and financial services, such as DeFi, without the need for intermediaries. Internet Computer also let’s designers to use cryptographically secure identities to provide access control, reducing the need to rely on usernames and passwords or external identity management plugins.

Internet Computer features


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