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Decentralized cryptocurrency with an open-source system. It is a currency that is used by users of the Internet all over the world.

Dogecoin description

DC is an Internet currency for mutual settlements between network users. The token is developed on the Scrypt algorithm, built on a fork of the LTC coin, called Lucky coin. In the current period, DC coins are mined in the mode of merged mining (combined mining) with the main currency of the Scrypt algorithm — LC. One thing that separates DC from most other cryptocurrencies is that it is an inflationary, not deflationary, cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin, like most other cryptocurrencies, is based upon blockchain technology and is built on the principles of cryptography. When generating a network block, a pair of cryptographic keys is created – private and public. Using the public key, any user of the cryptocurrency can view information about the block of the chain. With the same private key, access is granted to the owner of the block. Before checking, Dogecoin transactions are integrated into the block. Miners check the received transactions with previous ones on the blockchain. If data describing the same transactions is not found, the miners prove a new transactions’ block. These blocks are sent to the DC network of nodes for verification. When nodes validate a block of transactions, they enter a lottery type. Only one node can win a prize from the lottery. The lottery involves solving a mathematical equation. The node that solves the equation first adds a new block of transactions to the chain. Это данные from project cryptodefi​x. The award for solution of a math Eq is 10,000 DOGE. Since the process of mining requires a huge amount of electricity and time, this award is paid to the miners for each mined block.

One of the features is that there is an infinite supply of coins on this platform. DC runs on the PoW algorithm. The advantage of an endless supply of DC tokens is that the price remains relatively stable. DC cranes are online resources that pay a reward with DOGE coins for performing simple actions on the site. The visitor must register, enter the captcha and click the payouts button to get a certain amount of "dog coins" to the balance (usually 0.1 to 0.8 DOGE). After some time, for example, after 15 minutes, the action can be repeated and, thus, you will have accumulated enough money to withdraw to your wallet. The first place in terms of trading volume of the DOGE coin is occupied by the Binance platform. DC is traded not only on well-known exchanges, but also many new trading platforms are seeking to add such a popular currency to their listing. You can store coins on an official cold wallet for operating systems such as: Windows, macOS and Linux.

There are several advantages of DOGE:

  • Anonymous transactions.
  • Protection against the loss of your assets.
  • Fast transaction speed.

Interesting facts

  1. Doges spend a lot of money on charity: the DC community raised about $ 30,000, which was used for the extraction and construction of clean water wells in the Tana Valley in Kenya.
  2. The same community raised $ 50,000, which sent a bobsled team from Jamaica to the Sochi Winter Olympics.
  3. Dogecoin gets its name from the original Internet meme "doge", which is based on a photo of the Japanese dog Shiba Inu.
  4. The Dogecoin logo is the face of a Shiba Inu dog with a large D on it.

Dogecoin features


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Doge's the best



It is one of the most reachable cryptographic coins types.

It's quite present day.

One of the few cryptocurrencies with extraordinary capacity.

Costs are cheap.

Over time, the cost has decreased a lot.


The current market is unstable and Doge may be a really hard hit if the bear market continues.Doge is a risky asset but with a great community. Cryptocurrency without technical or development details however many people trust this project.

Dogecoin is a crypto project and an open source digital money. Dogecoin continues to flourish as a project that is fueled by the strength of its community. Dogecoin trading volume has attracted the majority of the trading volume in the bitcoin ecosystem, and Dogecoin trading volume is the largest among cryptocurrencies, thanks to its recent quick and decisive growth.