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Leading cryptocurrency that is based on a proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm.

Monero description

Monero is a decentralized, private cryptocurrency. It works on the Random X protocol. Это данные from site crypt​odefix. Provides complete confidentiality to its users - even if someone finds out your electronic payment address, this user will never be able to find out how much money you have and what you are spending it on.

Today Monero can be called one of the best cryptocurrencies in the security category. Why? Firstly, the system uses “ring signatures” - all public keys are shuffled with each other, so there is no way to identify the participants. Secondly, the generation of one-time addresses is used, protection against hacking is carried out. Also, thanks to Monero algorithms, users do not have to worry about money in electronic wallets. Investing in this cryptocurrency can become a reliable long-term liability. The Monero blockchain is protected by a reliable Proof-of-Work algorithm. Also, the XMR cryptosystem uses the latest technological innovations. Monero's cipher system is also very complex and, unlike DASH or ZCash electronic currencies, for example, it is built directly into the blockchain.

Monero's advantages over other cryptocurrencies:

  1. Banks cannot influence cryptocurrency.
  2. Monero is not a fork of Bitcoin - it is almost not amenable to changes on its part.
  3. Anonymous transactions.
  4. Unlimited emission.
  5. Trust and growth-considering the overall picture of the company in the market, users can only see its strengthening.

Interesting facts

  1. Microsoft Corporation uses Monero developments to create new platforms.
  2. During the official launch, Monero was immediately attacked by a hacker.
  3. Ethereum also uses a “ring signature” to ensure anonymity.

Monero features


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Monero (XRM) is an open source cryptocurrrency that was launched back in 2014. It is an online alternate that lets in customers to join with human beings who purchase or promote Monero cryptocurrency locally. his digital currency has a basic aim of providing supreme privateness to its clients.

• Good privacy features

• Fast and secure

• Untraceable and anonymous

• Fungible

• Mining Monero can be done on standard computers with a GPU.

• Listed and supported on a lot o popular exchanges XMR is profitable for investments

• Decentralized and scalable.

• The only downside to Monero is that it can be used to engage in illicit marketing without tracing