Terra (LUNA)

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A blockchain protocol for the creation of stabelcoins whose value will be anchored to fiat currencies.

Terra (LUNA) description

Terra is a blockchain protocol that allows to create, on its basis, stablecoins, the value of which is based on fiat currencies. Terra includes several stablecoins based on global currencies - Terra U.S. Dollar (UST), Euro (EUT), Canadian Dollar (CAT) and Japanese Yen (JPY). These stablecoins are algorithmically linked to the value of real currencies.

Terra's algorithm automatically adjusts the supply of stablecoins depending on the demand for them. Terra has its own intranet token - LUNA. It is used to issue protocols and create new stablecoins. If the demand for UST increases as more people use the currency, more LUNA is automatically burned and sent to the public pool. This ensures stability and LUNA token holders are rewarded.

The security of the Terra blockchain is ensured by the proof-of-stake (POS) method. It consists of LUNA token holders depositing them as collateral to validate a transaction, receiving a reward in proportion to the LUNA deposited. Publication ​from platform cryptodefix. LUNA tokens can be purchased on popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Specifics of Terra

  • Stablecoins on the Terra blockchain
  • LUNA stacked token remuneration
  • Security through proof-of-stake (POS)
  • Low fees
  • Possibility to buy LUNA tokens on popular exchanges

Terra (LUNA) features


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Terra is like////


Terra is a decentralized blockchain. Terra's main purpose is to balance exchange rates. Luna is this currency and maintains the balance of the Terra blockchain and is always responsible for it. LUNA is responsible for keeping the Terra phase in one piece and ensuring price stability with the strength of the force that is the focal point of the problem. It is one of the platforms, which currently generate more revenue. Due to its commercial alliance with the CHAI Company, terra has increased the use of its platform since it offers transactions to be made in only 6 seconds. On the Terra platform, there is an opportunity to shop with both fiat currency and cryptocurrency.