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Blockchain platform for creating decentralized financial applications.

Chain description

Chain is a protocol for creating smart contracts and creating DeFi-applications. Article from site crypto​defix. Chain infrastructure contains cryptographic tools and tools for developing financial services. With CHN tokens, users can receive discounts, pay fees and gain access to limited features. Chain’s blockchain platform was launched in 2014.

Chain Core allows users to launch and manage blockchain networks or connect to an existing network. This will enable the tracking of the number of assets issued, tokens transferred, and existing assets within the network. Chain Core gives organizations and individual users the ability to manage a network, to maintain several different assets within a single network. The platform is designed to provide users with modern approaches to understanding financial systems, within the network the time to create a transaction, validation reaches milliseconds.

Within the Chain network, there is a Sequence ledger that allows organizations to securely track network tokens and transaction values. With Sequence, organizations can manage their financial assets, store them in a secure ledger and send them to other available networks.

Chain specifics

  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Proprietary ledger for assets
  • Support for multiple tokens within the same network
  • Moving tokens between networks
  • Asset quantity tracking and network management

Chain features


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