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Cryptowallet for digital coins that use Ethereum (ETH) technology.

MyEtherWallet description

MyEtherWallet is a free platform for digital coins that use Ethereum (ETH) technology. The peculiarity of MEW is that it is an intermediary in crypto-currency transactions. This is an article from p​latform CryptoDeFix. The resources themselves are not stored on third-party servers, but only on the local device to which the owner is logged. MyEtherWallet does not store any crypto-currency, but provides the user with a private key and a common wallet address. The treasurer is personally responsible for the security of the funds.

User-friendly interface, easy personalization, free distribution - these are just some of the icebergs for MEW's decent popularity. In addition to the ability to send and receive transactions, which are an integral part of every wallet, MyEtherWallet also supports intuitive software that interacts with smart contracts and dapps through partnerships with DEX .AG. Changelly, Bits and Simplex can offer them competitive prices for ETH and token exchange. ETH for fiat currencies like BTC.

The main advantages of MyEtherWallet:

  • Simplicity and functionality.
  • Convenient interface.
  • Free and Reliable.
  • There is no memory limit.
  • Many cryptocurrencies are added.
  • Ability to add new tokens.

Unlike other browser-based cryptocurrencies, MyEtherWallet does not store your tokens or private keys. User pools “stay” on the blockchain, and MyEther simply offers features to communicate with them. Tabs are controlled by secret keys that are generated when the service is registered. The advantage of such a solution is security. Your money will not be transferred to other storage services while they are online. But there is a downside: if you lose your passwords, you will not be able to access your wallet. For this reason, it is important to back up the key document and keep it in a safe place.

MyEtherWallet features

Crypto wallets

Type: Mobile walletMobile applications for storing cryptocurrency. 0
Check out Support for multiple cryptocurrencies Maintaining not only bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies 0
Check out Support for transactions between different cryptocurrencies Currency exchange 0
Check out Fee availability 0
Check out Wallet freeze Temporary blocking of the wallet by the user 0
No Extra protection 0
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DeFi Projects

Blockchain types: Ethereum 0

Asset Management Tools

Check out Buy and selling assets Ability to buy or sell cryptocurrency or DeFi assets 0
No Real time charts Real-time viewing of asset values 0
No Setting limits Setting trading limits for DeFi assets 0
Check out Wire transfers Withdrawal and deposit of bank funds 0
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The Best!



• It is a free open source wallet

• It is reliable with a test of time testimony

• Its server does not store any sensitive information of its users

• It may be incorporated with hardware wallets for higher security


• MyEtherWallet isn't always as stable as hardware wallets

• Does not require KYC.

• Prone to phishing attacks.

MyEtherWallet is a free open source wallet which relates with Ethereum cryptocurrency ledger in other to let its users generate their cryptocurrency wallets online. It creates an interactive wallet with a private key that carries a private key. This wallet is constructed at the Ethereum blockchain to save Ethereum and ERC associated tokens.