Trust Wallet

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Multi-currency wallet that gives the opportunities to you to receive, send, store and exchange popular cryptocurrencies.

Trust Wallet description

Trust Wallet multi-currency wallet is a decentralized mobile program that gives the opportunities to you to receive, send, store and exchange popular cryptocurrencies. TW belongs to the popular Binance trading platform and is its official wallet.

TW is a software that can perform certain functionality:

  • Create a digital wallet address and encoded secret keys for sending and receiving various cryptocurrencies.
  • View decentralized dApps applications, as well as make transactions based on Ethereum, without installing software on your device.

A wallet is directly connected with the exchange, Binance Dex, which allows users to make quick and anonymous transactions with currency. Web wallet is completely decentralized, so it will check only the private key. The program works with decentralized exchange service, and built-in web3 browser that allows you work in comfort and safety with dapps. Trust to find a school that will help you find new software. It is a platform for hosting programs that are not centralized, it must be optimal for the operation and the strict adherence to a number of quality and safety standards. C program allows you to work without a device name is virtual, you don't need to tell any information. Download the wallet from Google Play or the App Store on your telephone or tablet, wait for the installation to finish and proceed to creating a new wallet. You need to confirm that you agree to the terms of service, and that you understand the consequences of losing the mnemonic phrase. After that, you need to write down 12 words in English in the correct order. With their help, you can easily transfer your wallet to another device or restore it in case of a failure. The loss of the recovery phrase is equal to the loss of money on the wallet. Information from company Cr​yptoDeFix. Then you will need to verify the passphrase by repeating the sequence of the set of words on the display, and the wallet will be created. Initially, only 3 crypto assets will be displayed in it: BTC, ETH and BNB.

One of the main pluses of TW is a high degree of security, which is achieved due to the fact that:

  • The storage system makes it possible to have private keys on a mobile phone or other device.
  • Private keys never leave the device.
  • The degree of security does not allow viruses (the protection system surpasses even some banking ones) and account hacking through unlocking the device.

The following security measures will help to increase the security of your wallet:

  • Create your own password that is not used anywhere else/
  • Use the private key and seed phrase to prevent access to the PC and digital wallet.
  • Use backup.
  • Report suspicious activity from your wallet to prevent hacking attempts.

There is no commission for replenishment, but when transferring from another address, you must pay for processing the transaction. You can transfer cryptocurrency from a popular exchange or another wallet to find a public address, just click on the icon of the desired asset. If you have not yet acquired digital tokens, you can buy them using a bank card directly in TW. The commission fee is immediately included in the transaction amount, so the price is higher than on the exchange. A mobile wallet from Binace gives you the opportunity to earn money by storing coins. All existing blockchain projects can be divided into two types. Some use the services of miners, that is, they work on the POW-consensus algorithm, while in others the functions of processing transactions and creating new blocks are delegated to validators (PoS-consensus algorithm). To become a miner, you need to purchase and configure expensive computing equipment, and to become a validator, you need to have a regular computer or even rent power on a cloud server and install a full node, which in principle is not so expensive. Users who have installed Trust Wallet can trade on Binance DEX without identity verification directly from the wallet interface. The built-in platform works directly through the main server. Its interface resembles the order book of a regular crypto exchange.

Trust Wallet features

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Trust Wallet is the second app of such type I've ever used. the security level is really high - all data are safe. The app itself is easy to use - it took a few minutes to figure out how everything is organized there. It supports many cryptocurencies and it is easy to exchange crypto, and also to track the charts. It's possible to install the app on both Apple and Android devices. It has a peer-to-peer (P2P) switch that allows you to send, acquire, and promote cryptocurrency. It's simple to use and provides a great sense of security. In reality, because of the simple purchasing and selling system, even beginners may have access to it.