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Crypto wallet for mobile devices that allows you to easily manage all your assets, send cryptocurrencies by names, not addresses, and use decentralized applications.

Coinbase Wallet description

Coinbase Wallet is part of a suite of services provided by Coinbase. This is a crypto wallet for mobile devices that allows you to easily manage all your assets, send cryptocurrencies by names, not addresses, and use decentralized applications. It features a good level of safety and high comfort of use.

Key features:

  • Solid trading volume. In the virtual world of cryptocurrency trading, the Coinbase project is famous and very popular. This determines quite acceptable commissions, and also allows you to keep profitable quotes for registered traders.
  • The main fiat currencies on Coinbase are the US dollar or the euro. The British pound was added in 2018.
  • Many exchanges provide crypto traders with averaged or fixed quotes according to an incomprehensible scheme, however, Coinbase here resorted to a different method of forming prices for virtual currencies. They are calculated according to market patterns, taking into account the current offers for sale / demand from speculators. Quotes always reflect the actual value of digital coins.
  • The Coinbase cryptocurrency wallet is used by over 32 million people, and this figure does not include traders or speculators. A kind of classification of registered users trading virtual currencies. There are takers and their rivals, makers. The former are speculators who work with instantly executed orders, and the latter are people who conclude deals through the Depth of Market.
  • Strictly limited volumes of deposits, determined by three parameters. The user is assigned a specific status on the trading platform, based on the selected payment methods, country of residence and the level of verification passed. For example, European clients who have fully verified their identity can weekly withdraw up to € 30,000 from Coinbase. For the same users in the US, the withdrawal amount is limited in a different way: up to $ 50 using a credit card; maximum $ 5,000 if the transaction goes to a bank account; no more than $ 50,000 for cryptocurrency wallets and electronic payment systems.
  • Coinbase offers a Shift Card for verified American users. This is a special Visa card for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It is accepted for payment by a limited number of places where settlement with BTC coins is practiced. Such a debit card costs $ 10, but the owner then does not lose money on commissions for transactions and conversions of Bitcoins.


  • Site reputation. No break-ins were recorded during the operation.
  • Fast executing transactions. Users note the speed of transferring coins to other clients to cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Compulsory deposit insurance, officially registered in the supervisory authorities. Information material from company Cry​ptoDeFix. The loss of coins due to exchange hacking will be fully compensated by the reserve fund.

Coinbase Wallet features

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Coinbase Wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency holding walker that offers a variety of functions like buying and selling cryptocurrency. Coinbase is a digital wallet that allows users to create their own cryptocurrency wallets online, in contrast to other wallets, Coinbase is a "wallet" that allows digital wallets to be stored, transferred, traded, traded, and so on. This Coinbase wallet is a US-made wallet. This wallet is extremely easy to utilize securely.

• High rate security

• 2FA authentication

• It's charge rates are considerably low

• It is one of the safest trading platform

• Not an easy platform for anyone new into crypto

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