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Lightweight multi-currency mobile wallet with support for storing a huge variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Coinomi description

Coinomi is a lightweight multi-currency mobile wallet with support for storing a huge variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens (including ERC-20), as well as the built-in ability to exchange coins among themselves (integrated with ShapeShift and Changelly exchangers, which allows you to make currency exchange as profitable as possible). There is also a function for regulating the commission rate, support for the Russian language in the interface.

The wallet allows you to operate with both coins and tokens,including the ERC20 standard. At the same time, if a token of this standard is not present in the list, you can add it to the application yourself. It also supports all kinds of forks, SegWit technology.

The wallet interface is also quite pleasant and simple. There are no unnecessary functions like price charts, cryptocurrency price glasses, news feeds, chats and other things. Such functions are simply not needed by most users of mobile wallets, so the developers did not add them to their application. At this time, Coinomi allows you to store a huge variety of digital assets (over 500), which, of course, includes all known coins. Coinomi has a built-in digital currency exchange. You can convert coins thanks to the team's partnership with ShapeShift and Changelly exchangers. At the same time, a high speed of transactions is ensured. The wallet allows you to pay with altcoins to bitcoin addresses without unnecessary steps – the conversion of coins takes place on the fly. The commission for transfers is calculated dynamically each time, which allows you to get optimal values based on the queue existing in the network. At the same time, it is also possible to manually specify your commission amount for any token. As for the commission fee of the wallet itself, it is absent – the wallet is completely free for everyone.

Another incomparable advantage of Coinomi is the ability to add your own tokens. Information material from ​catalogue cryptodefix. After adding them to your cryptoportfel, they will also be displayed on your account, although without the corresponding icon. The process of currency exchange at Coinomi takes place at a very high level. Transactions are made almost instantly, the maximum delay of operations even during the system load does not exceed 2-4 minutes. The Coinomi multicurrency wallet belongs to the type of HD wallets (Hierarchical Deterministic) – this means that for each account it generates a special LED phrase consisting of a random set of words. It is used to restore access to the wallet in case of its loss. The next point is the anonymization of users ' IP addresses using special algorithms, which will not allow hackers or tracking devices to get personal information of customers. For each transaction, the wallet creates a new address, which also increases the level of security. Private keys are stored on users ' devices, not on the company's remote servers, and therefore, if they are hacked, attackers will not get access to customer funds.

The most important distinguishing features of the Coinomi crypto wallet are:

  • Anonymous storage and use of cryptocurrencies. The KYC mechanism is not supported. The client's data is encrypted, and the IP addresses are hidden — the information is mixed and dozens of false addresses are created.
  • Well-optimized standard options — internal conversion of digital coins, transactions, etc.
  • Integrated cryptocurrency exchangers, such as ShapeShift and Changelly services.
  • Simplicity and convenience of the Coinomi crypto wallet. There are no optional, low-demand tools, such as market depth, numerous settings, price charts, news feeds, optional currency exchange, chat, etc.There is not even a multi-signature of transfers or two-factor authentication. Everything is simple and minimalistic.
  • Impressive conversion speed. Simultaneous work with two exchange services dramatically speeds up the implementation of exchange operations. The maximum delays during peak periods rarely exceed a couple of minutes.
  • Dynamic commission calculated by the Coinomi system at the time of the transfer or exchange request. This takes into account the queue in the mempool — the larger it is, the lower the percentage of the fixed value for the application. You can change the size of the system fee yourself by zooming in or moving your own position to the queue.

In general, the following advantages can be distinguished from this cryptocurrency wallet:

  • Good security.
  • One-time data backup, in which only one keyword is created.
  • Versatility (new versions of the wallet will be released soon, which will make Coinomi more accessible).
  • All financial transactions can be made in just a few clicks.
  • The absence of hacks and serious problems with the wallet system for a long time of existence.
  • Storing and generating passwords is carried out exclusively by the user himself, which makes hacking the Coinomi service completely useless for hackers.
  • The presence of a multilingual application, where the Russian language is present (the translation is performed correctly)
  • Easy installation of the application and registration of an account on this service.

Coinomi features

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