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by Blockchain Luxembourg S.A.
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One of the most popular online wallets in the world, used by people from all over the world.

Blockchain wallet description

The wallet was created in 2011 by a company of the same name based in Luxembourg. Blockchain is one of the most popular online wallets in the world, used by people from all over the world and supporting over 20 languages. The company has an extensive infrastructure, which includes more than 100 employees and 25 thousand API developers. The company's business is not limited to just one crypto wallet: they also conduct research on the crypto market and offer various products such as a blockchain explorer and a PIT cryptocurrency exchange with support for 26 trading pairs. Blockchain also provides advanced crypto products for professionals:

  • OTC market for institutional investors and traders with high liquidity.
  • Depository services in secure crypto vaults supporting military grade protocols and account administration.
  • Early access to exclusive market overview.
  • Managed products and Blockchain Ventures investment fund with a wide crypto ecosystem.

All transaction data and amounts are stored on remote servers of the crypto company, which makes them vulnerable to cyberattacks: in the event of a server hacking, users can lose their funds. In addition, unauthorized entry can occur from the client side if user credentials are leaked. Thus, differs from other bitcoin clients in less security. The company has partial control over access, and they can set restrictions for customers: set limits on transactions, etc. In other words, the crypto wallet is partially centralized. Publicatio​n from platform cryptodefix. Centralization means that a company can access private keys and has its own protocol, which can impose restrictions on the basic functionality of the interface. We do not know if the company can block or freeze funds on the client's wallets or only set limits, but perhaps the company has access to private keys. runs on its own protocol, so it is not known for sure if central servers store information such as private keys and seed.

Wallet benefits:

  • Simple and intuitive web interface. The company has made an emphasis on ensuring that users can quickly access their funds and easily use client functions without special knowledge.
  • Support for multiple cryptocurrencies. As we said earlier, in addition to Bitcoin, Blockchain supports Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar and Digital USD stablecoin.
  • Built-in exchange (swap). Users can exchange supported cryptoassets right within the interface.
  • Mobile version support.
  • Synchronization with a mobile device.

Blockchain wallet features

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Blockchain Wallet is one of the first and oldest wallets for storing various types of cryptocurrency. It is one of the most famous decentralized cryptocurrency exchange wallets that has ever worked, and it runs on Android and iOS phones, computers and mobile devices. Everything is fine, the faucets are steadily outputting bits to the wallet from the drives, everything is clear, you can always see what came from where. The security of the wallet is also good, before you get to it you need to make a confirmation by e-mail, which a limited number of people have access to. Bitcoins are credited there very quickly. Registration on it is very simple.