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Free cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to merge their account with Ethereum.

MyCrypto description

MyCrypto is the first wallet with the ability to schedule transactions. This function is based on Chrono Logic smart contracts.

MyCrypto uses ERC-20 tokens. It is available as an application for your desktop computer, as well as a mobile app. The registration process is as simple and fast as possible. This text ​is from site cryptodefix. However, the wallet has excellent security: password, Keystore File, private key, and so on. Only the user himself has access to the coins, since private keys are not uploaded to the server. Also, users have the opportunity to create a backup, access is provided by the seed phase. There is no verification on the platform, the cryptocurrency wallet is anonymous. Also, the user can exchange, sell or buy coins. The platform supports many languages, so it is easy to master it. MyCrypto provides the ability to import Ethereum accounts, as well as manage them without problems. Users can view their transactions in their accounts for analysis, thus users can control their finances. Users can check the status of the transaction and the number of confirmations received by inserting the transaction hash. Also, thanks to the exchange function, it is possible to convert Ethereum into ERC-20 tokens or bitcoin. There is a section with which users can create and add new smart contracts to Ethereum. The system also provides the function of transferring transactions that were created and signed offline.

MyCrypto features

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Nice wallet


MyCrypto is an Ethereum-focused internet pocket that allows ledger clients to store their ethers in addition to any ERC20 tokens. MyCrypto is a mostly pocket-based open source internet application that helps you manipulate the plethora of fully-based tokens. On Ethereum, even keep your non-public keys offline. For transactions with ERC20 tokens, Ethereum could be used for transaction costs. MyCrypto Wallet helps you tie your ledger tool to your platform so you can securely view your balances and manipulate your transactions.Very easy to use.

It is updated frequently. It allows to see only the general status of the portfolio or to enter its "complete" mode. The payment system is not very intuitive (especially when paying for gas)